What is the pricing?

The pricing has 2 components
1- Annual Subscription - The annual subscription is a fixed amount per user. We offer different rates based on the size of the user base.
2- Onboarding - A one-time onboarding fee is charged to set you up
3- Support – A support plan needs to be purchased for getting access to product update, support and for deployments on the Customer’s tenant
Pricing is provided on request. Contact us on https://proceso.in/contact-us/.

What devices can Proceso be used on?

Proceso works on iOS and Android phones, tablets, and desktops and laptops.

Is Proceso free or do I need to pay to use it?

You can try Proceso for free for 2 weeks as a shared service. Thereafter you need to purchase a subscription.

Where can I access the free version?

We provide access to a free version that you can try for 4 weeks.
You can get access to the trial using Connect (microsoft.com) or Request a demo using (Schedule a Demo) or Contact us on https://proceso.in/contact-us/.

Are there any prerequisites that I need on my PC to use the trial?

You just need a browser and an internet connection. The trial runs within Microsoft Teams and you can access it on the browser without the need to set up anything on your PC

What happens when the trial period ends?

If the trial period ends before you choose a plan, your account will be deactivated. But your data will remain intact, though inaccessible, until you purchase a plan.

Do I need to purchase any other licenses to use Proceso?

Proceso require Microsoft Teams to operate. Microsoft Teams may be installed on the device, or it can be used on a browser. Here are the Microsoft M365/O365 licensing requirements.

Module Admin/ Owners Viewers/Assignees/Approvers Analytics
Proceso M365 F1 / Office F3 M365 F1 / Office F3 E5/Power BI Pro

Compare All Microsoft 365 Plans | Microsoft

Is it possible to deploy Proceso on my Azure tenant?


Can I also just sign up and use Proceso as a service without needing any cloud infrastructure in my organization?

Yes, Proceso is available as a service on the cloud, on an annual subscription

How does the annual subscription work?

We offer an annual subscription model, which is provided in two ways:
1- Option 1 - Proceso is offered as a service on a cloud. Just sign up and start using.
2- Option 2 - Proceso can be deployed on the Customer’s environment

Can it be customized?

We offer the ability to build custom reports and to integrate with your line of business applications. This is charged separately.
Other customizations are taken as suggestions and if relevant added to the Product roadmap.

Is PROCESO available in other languages besides English?


Time Compliance

SOPs completed on time without the need for follow ups and escalations.

Location Compliance

Workers complete their tasks on location whether a factory or a healthcare centre or a retail store.

Identity Compliance

SOP completed by the user to whom it is assigned.

Device Compliance

Evidence collected and recorded on an authorised device.