Document Hub, Knowledge Hub and Social Hub

Document Hub

Documents all over the world are critical organizational assets and these are some common questions asked in organizations​

‘The Document Hub’ has you covered on all of the above and more. It that serves as a unified hub for collaboration around documents linked to geos, business units, products, projects, customers or vendors. ​

Benefit from the power of Document centric collaboration, Metadata based Custom search and intuitive Document Explorers all within Microsoft Teams. Classify and search for documents. Offered standalone as well as integrated with other modules for Knowledge, Processes and Communications. ​

Knowledge Hub​

A Teams App that serves as a Knowledge Hub, a hub for maintaining, tagging and searching knowledge artefacts and expertise. This is a repository for learnings and experience gathered over years of operations, and made readily available, shareable & referenceable for the workforce to remain informed, refer in case of doubt and eventually get it right the first time & not repeat mistakes of the past. ​

It leverages the core capabilities of SharePoint Online for content management along with cutting edge features like Expert Locator, Intelligent Search across O365 tenants. ​

The Knowledge Hub includes Wikis, blogs, Documents, Videos etc. built with a taxonomy and intelligent search. Easy-to-access and 24x7 available, this is a centralized repository providing easy access to ‘knowledge’ which includes knowledge assets as well as ability to find expertise based on custom profile keywords​

no code process

Social Hub ​ ​

CONNECT brings an immersive and interactive experience for employees, presents invaluable organizational content on demand, encourages socializing with colleagues, and is a gateway to enterprise solutions all through its modern Social Hub.

The Social Hub is a Hub that promotes a lively and thriving community and keeps people engaged.

One of the ways CONNECT does this is by allowing users to subscribe to content to be brought to them on Teams. Teams and Yammer ensure the entire organization is connected and increases community interactions.

The Social Hub serves as an intranet within Teams and provides content on demand. It is integrated with a Documents and Knowledge Hub that ensures key organizational assets are made available securely to all employees.

The Social Hub includes intuitively designed self service areas for:

Time Compliance

SOPs completed on time without the need for follow ups and escalations.

Location Compliance

Workers complete their tasks on location whether a factory or a healthcare centre or a retail store.

Identity Compliance

SOP completed by the user to whom it is assigned.

Device Compliance

Evidence collected and recorded on an authorised device.