Thank you Landmark Group for your glowing testimonial for C3IT Software Solutions

Listen to what the Process Excellence Head of Landmark Group, Retail, UAE has to say about our product ‘Proceso’, a Teams app that enhances excellence in Customer experience, Regulatory Audits and Operational control by ensuring all your SOPs are effective, performed at the actual location, at the right time, by the designated person on the authorized device. #frontlineworkers

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How can you make your frontline workers more productive?

Frontline workers comprise the majority of the global workforce, with more than 2 billion frontline workers forming the backbone of many of the world’s largest industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and retail. However, fewer than 25% of these workers say they have the right technology to do their jobs. While many can adjust to a work-from-home lifestyle, frontline workers at hospitals, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities are rarely factored into digital workforce strategies. Unfortunately, due to the accelerated adoption of remote and hybrid work models during the COVID-19 pandemic, this lack of technological support has caused significant challenges for businesses.

To overcome these challenges, it is imperative to empower the frontline and to do this any organization must focus on the 5 core pillars:

  1. Connect your workforce
  2. Digitize manual processes
  3. Accelerate onboarding
  4. Empower with devices
  5. Protect your organization

Both frontline workers and managers are always looking for new ways to make their lives easier and streamline communication, and creating a modern workplace facilitates structured collaboration on business-critical tasks between employees across locations. This can operate, for example, between frontline workers who are on their smartphones and white-collar workers who are on their personal computers or between front-liners at different locations. Managers need real time insight into timely completion of tasks and front-liners need to be notified about their tasks on an easy to use channel, see a quick dashboard of their assignments and be able to collaborate easily with coworkers and managers to complete their tasks inline with the SOP, on time, at the right place and last but not the least on an authorized device.

Automation has to be effectively augmented by a robust communication channel for everyone in the value chain, make all digital assets like documents, SOPs, guidelines etc. available at every point that matters. This keeps knowledge resources and learnings readily referenceable, leading to a well-trained and well-informed workforce that is enabled to do its best for the business. Every employee can therefore be empowered to succeed and contribute to your organization’s success.

To summarize, managing your business through automated processes is a must for efficiency, accountability and timeliness. Frontline workers should be provided with experiences that deliver back to the bottom line, through powerful and intuitive digital solutions and devices.